Longtail Music

Music to love from people who love music.

Longtail Music is a loosely connected network of independent internet radio stations.

  • Mixabilly

    Featuring a mix of Rockabilly Psychobilly and Punkabilly Music Play it Loud and Often. We give you HQ sound 24 - 7 because the party never stops !!!! contact us at catmedia@usa.com to get your music on-air. Get your name out there

    Playing music by:

  • Teencats
  • DeepSix
  • Mad Dog Cole
  • The Baseballs
  • Virginiamusic

    Jazz radio. Carefree and quiet regularity. Female vocalists only

    Playing music by:

  • Sidsel Storm
  • Kim Hoorweg
  • Trish Hatley
  • Cindy Scott
  • Girls Rock Radio

    Your premier internet radio station for the music of Women Artists in Rock, Pop, and Alternative music

    Playing music by:

  • Hole
  • Poor Man's Fame
  • Vanilla Ninja
  • Everlife
  • Ersatz Radio

    We play an eclectic mix of music including punk, ska, reggae, pop, alternative and indie. Anything good. Anything that takes our fancy.

    Playing music by:

  • The Damned
  • Sleaford Mods
  • The Ukrainians
  • The Stranglers
  • The Bat Station

    Gothy, Dancy, with a 90s twist. By the developer of Longtail Music. Sharing some of the music he loves is a way to increase the amount of awesome internet radio available.

    Playing music by:

  • Covenant
  • VNV Nation
  • Apoptygma Berzerk
  • Aqua