Longtail Music

Music to love from people who love music.

Longtail Music is a loosely connected network of independent internet radio stations.

  • Girls Rock Radio

    Your premier internet radio station for the music of Women Artists in Rock, Pop, and Alternative music

    Playing music by:

  • Hole
  • Poor Man's Fame
  • Vanilla Ninja
  • Everlife
  • Mixabilly

    Featuring a mix of Rockabilly Psychobilly & Punkabilly Music Play it Loud and Often. We give you HQ sound 24 - 7. We Are "Real Rebel Rock 'N' Roll" contact us at catmedia@usa.com to get your music on-air. Get your name out there

    Playing music by:

  • Teencats
  • DeepSix
  • Mad Dog Cole
  • The Baseballs
  • WEFUNK Radio

    Since our first show back in 1996 WEFUNK plays only the best in hip hop, funk & soul — from old to new, classics, rare gems, new releases and more. Tune in any time and experience hip hop's roots and future along with the rich legacy of funk, soul and jazz

    Playing music by:

  • Sly & The Family Stone
  • Aurra
  • Lee Dorsey
  • Al Green
  • Trekstation jazz

    Jazz radio. Carefree and quiet regularity. Female vocalists only

    Playing music by:

  • Sidsel Storm
  • Kim Hoorweg
  • Trish Hatley
  • Cindy Scott
  • The Spinning Stream: Nintendo Music Radio

    Streams your favorite Nintendo tunes from the early days of the NES to the present. Specifically, we only play music from games that have been on Nintendo consoles. Our live show, "The Windmill Hut" airs every Wednesday night at 7:00 PM PT.

    Playing music by:

  • Taisuke Araki
  • Lawrence Schwedler
  • 細江慎治
  • Metamorphosis Jazz Band